Two factor authentication

When do you implement 2FA?
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@james-software This is something that was under consideration and so far has not been adopted to our roadmap. There is a feature idea created for this which I can add your vote to.

I want to vote for this important security feature too. Where can I vote?

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Thanks for reaching out.

It may be worth checking out this post 2FA for Synthetic Monitor - #2 by hross. I believe it may be useful for you.

I will also locate the poll and add your vote to it, as this post is from February 2021 it may take me a little time to locate it.

Hi @dcody

I am referring to the 2FA to protect our account, to use 2FA in additional of username and password when we login to account. Not the 2FA for Synthetic monitoring process.

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Hi @wai

Thank you for the clarification and apologies for the confusion.

I can confirm that this was under consideration, however currently I can not confirm a date on our roadmap for it.

I have added your vote this request.

Hi @dcody , please add my vote as well for 2FA.

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You got it!

Thanks for reaching out, and its great to see your first post in the community.

I was also looking for this feature in your dashboard and was quite surprised it’s not available by default (since 2fa is the required standard nowadays for Saas apps). New relic does contain a lot of sensitive information about the platform you are using it for, so please put my vote on the list and make it more secure!

Hello all,
I want to confirm again that there is a FR currently on the roadmap for this feature. Can’t speak to actual timeframe for release but our product team are working on it. At this point adding additional votes is not needed.

Thanks for your patience!

Additional votes may not be necessary, but I just wanted to highlight that the lack of MFA is unfortunately the single feature which has forced us to integrate with another solution due to it being an unacceptable risk for our business.

It’s a real shame as we preferred NewRelic and tried to champion it for our business, but unfortunately a SAAS platform which doesn’t support MFA is unacceptable; falls well below today’s security standards and is inevitably going to get vetoed by a diligent security team.

If there is any update on timescales, please do let us know!

Hi @jamki

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

We appreciate the feedback and insight, I will be sure to communicate this to the appropriate teams.

Once there are any sharable updates we will be sure to share them here.

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