Ubuntu Agent not showing in All Hosts, but it's filterable, and data is showing

New Relic Infrastructure Question Template

  • Please provide a Permalink so we can see the exact time and place you are: https://infrastructure.newrelic.com/accounts/643354/hosts

  • Which version of Windows or which distribution of Linux are you using?
    Ubuntu 10.04

  • What language version of the APM agent are you using?
    Current server monitor

  • What is your Infrastructure Subscription level? Essentials or PRO?

  • Describe what you are seeing. How does this differ from what you expected to see?
    I had a VM cloned, and was not seeing it show on All Hosts pullout or count, nor is the filter count reflecting the number of hosts that I’ve selected for it. My Filter Set for Linux VMs is showing a count of “2”, but the host list shows the full 3 hosts. If I do a manual filter, it shows in the Host list. All agent data is also displaying in the graphs.

Could this have to do with fingerprinting of the VM of some kind? I uninstalled the agent and reinstalled, but that didn’t help. It has a unique hostname and IP, so I’m not sure how to get it to update the host counts on screen.


Hi @markg3 Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The issue with hosts not showing on the Infrastructure landing page is related to a service problem we are having currently with the Infrastructure product and we are working on a fix.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. :slight_smile:

@nogueir Thanks for the update. Just let me know if there is anything on my end I should update or try. Obviously not a “breaking” issue, so I’ll just watch this topic for further developments.

@nogueir I am no longer seeing the issue on my account. The filter set and All Hosts is now showing the correct count.

Hi @markg3 Thank you for the update. I’m glad to know that everything is workings as expected.