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UIWebView is no longer supported by Apple

  • What agent version are you using? 6.7.0
  • Please share which platform you have questions about: iOS
  • Are you seeing an error? Not from NewRelic


Quite a while back, Apple announced that they were withdrawing support for UIWebView. They’ve now started issuing a warning saying they will soon be rejecting builds that reference UIWebView.

My app doesn’t reference this class, but I can see that the NewRelicAgent binary contains a reference to it.

Are there plans to release an updated framework that doesn’t contain this reference? Without this update, we (and everyone else who uses the iOS new relic agent) will be forced to remove New Relic from our app in order to pass Apple submission process.



Hi @craig27!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out regarding the supportability of UIWebView! I’ve brought this question to the attention of our Product Engineering team and I’ll circle back around with an update as soon as I can better address your questions!


+1 to this

To be specific, it appears that NewRelic exports a single related symbol, _NRMA__UIWebView_loadRequest, which requires _OBJC_CLASS_$_UIWebView and triggers the validation warning.


Thanks for adding that @john.hammerlund - We’ll get that sent over to the Mobile team :smiley:


Hey @agoldberg - do we have an ETA on a fix?

Apple could start rejecting binaries with references to this deprecated API at any time now :neutral_face:


Hi @tom.hall1, @john.hammerlund, and @craig27

I wanted to circle back around and provide updates on where this issue stands as I had them available. I spoke with our product engineering team and am happy to confirm that you can expect a resolution for this warning in the next Agent update. You can keep tabs on our iOS Agent Release page and we’ll do our best to update this post upon this release as well.


Looks like this has been fixed and released. Thank you!


Yup! That release removes UIWebView from the iOS agent. :smiley:

Let us know if we can help with anything further!