Unable to add credit card

Hi, I have the exact same issue as this person: Can't add credit card

Can someone please fix my account so I can add my credit card and regain access to my metrics?


Hi @kim.ahlstrom, I would advise filling out this form so our team can reach out to you directly about this.

Thank you @nmcnamara. I filled out the form yesterday but have not heard from anyone yet. I have previously been a paying customer using this account so I do not understand why I am not able to just add my credit card. This seems like a bug on NewRelic’s side.

Are you able to tell me when I can expect help with this issue?


Hi @kim.ahlstrom, I can not give an exact timeline but the team should reach out soon.

@nmcnamara Hi, I still haven’t heard from anyone on how to fix this.

Hi @kim.ahlstrom, apologies for the delay and any inconvenience! I have reached out to our support team to assist you with this. They will reach out shortly by email.

Thank you @nmcnamara, support has now pinged me and we are trying to resolve this.

Great to hear @kim.ahlstrom!