Unable to add proper js error alert on slack for our SPA

Dear support,
We recently shifted from sentry to newrelic browser as it gives support for error logging and performance management both. We are trying to set our slack alert if any error occurs in our browser (js error, api fail, chunk load fail etc). We are not able to execute it from newrelic yet. Could you please help us setting an error logging alerts.

Hey there @vinit2 - welcome to the community!

I understand that you want to be alerted if there are any errors logged and send those notifications to Slack. I would love to get you the help that you need. Are you having trouble creating the alert, or getting it sent to Slack, or both?

Hi @hross thanks for quick response. I am having trouble in creating the alert. I have already tested slack alert by sending some sample alerts.

Hi, any update on this ?

Hi there @vinit2 - Sorry for the delay!

As described in this post, this is not something you can do out of the box, but there is a workaround:

Let me know if that gets you going in the right direction.

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