Unable to Change Email Address

I’m not able to change my email address.

I go to https://login.newrelic.com/email/change, it asks me for my (current) email and password, which I enter.

It then pops up with a message saying it’s going to send me a message to my current address, but this never gets received (either to the server, or my inbox).

Any advice?

Hi @matthew.harrington :wave:t2:! I see you currently have two user profiles (one V1 & one V2).

Any new account that is created after May 2020, is currently on our V2 user model. V1 is the user model of your original user model.

We have a level up post that shows you how to navigate between the two accounts: So you’ve created a new account and can’t seem to access your old account.

I would like to mention that you can find information on updating your email address here → Email settings | New Relic Documentation.

Alternatively, if you no longer use your V1 (original account), we can remove this for you. This will streamline your login workflow.

Please let me know if this help - I’ll be nearby if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @ghoran

Thanks for coming back to me.

I’ve already tried the Email Settings link, which is the cause of this ticket.

I wasn’t aware that I had two accounts - could this be the reason for no emails coming through at all?

Please can we remove whichever account isn’t being actively used?

Hi @matthew.harrington - Thanks for the update! I am going to go ahead and create a ticket for you. One of our support agents will be in touch shortly to discuss the necessary steps to delete your unused account. Keep an eye out for an email soon :slightly_smiling_face: