Unable to change our subscription package - 3 months and STILL ongoing. WORST customer service ever experienced

We’ve been trying to alter our subscription package as we were clearly being overcharged for what we use/needed. An agreement was made with our Account Manager in NOVEMBER 2020, and this still hasn’t been enacted. We were sent a document to sign which was missed and this has led to THREE MONTHS of paying for services which we do not need. We are unable to get any reply, save for one short email every 3-4 weeks telling us someone will be in touch. They never are. I have asked New Relic twitter for the official complaints procedure and they directed me here. There is no other contact point seemingly for us to discuss this with ANYONE AT ALL. Just a huge void… Anyone experience anything similar? Have to say, I’ve been working since 1988 and our business has been going since 2007 and this is by far the WORST customer experience I’ve ever encountered. Even beating Vodafone Spain which was bad enough… Anyone at all in New Relic can help us? The crazy thing is, we’d still like to stay, but no-one seemingly wants to help provide the account we need…

We logged this back in December after having no joy for 4 weeks… - Auto-renewal error

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Hi @martin21, Thank you for explaining and I’m sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had! I have created a support ticket for our billing team to reach out to you directly and I have made sure they are aware of the situation as it currently stands. They will follow up shortly by email.

Thanks. Still absolutely ZERO contact or communication. That’s another 6 days. Can you please provide some contact details for a Director or someone that is responsible at some level for the (well…) service you provide? Thanks.

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Still NO contact whatsoever.

Still nothing. Just silence…