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Unable to complete certification exams



I am facing errors submitting the test.attempted more than several times.
But the dashboars is not updating
And getting cookies errors on the page


Hey @harry4886 - Could you share some specifics on the errors you are seeing? Some screenshots would be helpful - we can then get this sent over to the new relic university team


I was unsuccessful in taking the screenshot
And wanted to finish the tests yesterday
.is there a way i can accomplish nnow.


You’re welcome to try again - there is still time (we close the socks giveaway later this evening, so you have all of today to submit scores)

I would encourage you to try alternate browsers, if there are cookies errors, then a new browser, or a private window of your preferred browser would be helpful.

Without screenshots or detail of the errors, there is little we can do in troubleshooting this, so please do try to capture some screenshots if you come up against this again.