Unable to create a personal API key

I was trying to create alerting policy via terraform but got an exception
[{"extensions":{"code":"FORBIDDEN"},"message":"Your account is not entitled to use this feature."}]
By googling this issue i found this topic alertsPolicyCreate -> Your account is not entitled to use this feature. It says i need to create a new account in order to get this feature. Ok, i created a new account and it turned out that I can’t create a new personal key via UI as it mentioned here https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/accounts/original-accounts-billing/original-product-based-pricing/transition-guide-new-pricing-user-changes#limitations. But when i try to create this key via GraphiQL explorer i get an error:
Please select or create an api key from the dropdown above before querying. See details at https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/apis/graphql-api/getting-started/introduction-new-relic-graphql-api#authentication
And I can’t create an API key, the button doesn’t work (see screenshot)Screenshot%20at%20Sep%2003%2018-46-42

Hi there @salemgolem -

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I have not been able to replicate the problem with the button in the GraphiQL UI. That said, there is another method that you can use. You can generate a personal API key in the New Relic UI. Here’s how to do that:


Please let me know if that alternate method does not work for you.

The solution might be found here: Cannot create Personal API Keys via NerdGraph API explorer
If you are an EU customer, you need to go to https://api.eu.newrelic.com/graphiql instead of https://api.newrelic.com/graphiql
It would be nice to have the documentation updated to include that, to prevent unnecessary frustration.

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Thank you for the suggestion @dschridde, please let us know if it was helpful for you @salemgolem and if not, we can look into this further for you.