Unable to create pod newrelic-bundle-newrelic-pixie

I am setting up newRelic to monitor our EKS Cluster. There is no much documentation to follow.
I used automated installer to setup newRelic but getting an error for pod newrelic-pixie.

0s Warning Failed pod/newrelic-bundle-newrelic-pixie-6bb76454c5-rsk7g Error: secret “pl-cluster-secrets” not found

newrelic-bundle-newrelic-pixie-6bb76454c5-rsk7g 0/1 CreateContainerConfigError 0 2m59s


I am having a similar issue. ( Likely a user error )
If anyone else has faced a similar issue, and resolved it, please advise.

  Type     Reason     Age               From               Message
  ----     ------     ----              ----               -------
  Normal   Scheduled  87s               default-scheduler  Successfully assigned thenewrelic/newrelic-bundle-newrelic-pixie-58754c7cdd-ztvps to k8s4
  Normal   Pulling    86s               kubelet            Pulling image "newrelic/newrelic-pixie-integration:1.4.1"
  Normal   Pulled     65s               kubelet            Successfully pulled image "newrelic/newrelic-pixie-integration:1.4.1" in 20.753801796s
  Warning  Failed     4s (x7 over 65s)  kubelet            Error: secret "pl-cluster-secrets" not found
  Normal   Pulled     4s (x6 over 64s)  kubelet            Container image "newrelic/newrelic-pixie-integration:1.4.1" already present on machine

And, I typed in a question too early. It resolved the issue after a few minutes. I suppose my resources were feeble and it took a little while for “pl-cluster-secrets” to come up.