Unable to delete application or rename them


I’m not able to delete certain APM applications. When trying I get this error:

" Application deletion error. Cannot delete an application that has reported data within the past 12 hours"

The application (website) has been removed for over a month. How can I solve this?


Hello @jaapdewit and welcome to the New Relic community.

Are you still seeing data reported in APM or is that also showing no data reporting? It’s possible that you still have data coming in from a different app. There are some troubleshooting steps to see where data might be coming from.

Hi @hross,

There’s no data reporting in APM. The website in question was moved to a different host last December. The former server which reported to NR Infrastructure also has been removed, that one is no longer visible in NR. The troubleshooting steps didn’t provide info to use.

Hello @jaapdewit - Thanks for that update. We’re going to have to do some more troubleshooting with you. Can you tell me which language agent you are trying to uninstall?

Hi @hross, somehow I was able to delete it today. Case closed…

Good to hear @jaapdewit - glad it worked out!