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Unable to fetch the data in NRQL for past 24 hours data due to "SINCE " command cannot be used in NRQL alert.My requirement is that i need to get the usage of my NR APM account



NRQL query alert gives errors

Hi @balaji.sivamani - thanks for writing in. I want to make sure I understand your question correctly. Do you need to ALERT on your usage? Or are you just trying to determine your usage?




@balaji.sivamani - NRQL alerts look at minute chunks of data, in the condition settings you have the option of looking back at different periods of time to set your alerts up against. As such SINCE is not required in the NRQL alert query.

Can you achieve your goals here without a SINCE clause in your query?


HI Thanks for your feedback.

No i was not able to get the my company’s APM usage in NRQL. This was my goal .


Hi @hross ,

Thanks for your concern. I need to have an alert for my APM usage ,when it crosses the threshold limit.



Hi, @balaji.sivamani: NrDailyUsage events are only generated once per day. If you create a NRQL condition to notify you if the result of your query is greater than some threshold, you would get an alert incident for the one minute a day that the NrDailyUsage is reported, if the result of your query is greater than the specified threshold:


Hey @philweber many thanks for this,i would like to know can this be put as NRQL alert ?


@balaji.sivamani This Usage data is not best suited for NRQL alerts as those events are sent once per day, whereas NRQL alerts works on minute data. You can create dashboards with these queries to monitor your usage however.


Hi @balaji.sivamani - There are 2 feature requests which would assist in your alerting example so do pop over and add your vote.