Unable to find Query Details in NewRelic for Oracle DB while accessing through NodeJs


I am trying NewRelic Nodejs agent.

Here the environment details
NodeJs - 2.4.2
NPM - 2.14.12
Expressjs - 4.14.0
Node-Oracledb - 1.8.0
NewRelic - 1.34.0

In my application I am using native Oracle db v1.8.0 node module for accessing the Oracle Databases.

Then I enabled New Relic NodeJS agent for that application.

I hit a page which access the Oracle database and retrieves the data and shows on the UI. Transaction is successfully executed.

In New Relic UI in shows transaction details, but I didn’t find DB query which got executed.

Also I tried other versions of Node-Oracle DB, it’s not working.

Any pointers on what version of Oracle DB is supported, How to get the specific slow oracle query in the New Relic Dashboard.

1.Call_trace.JPG - Screen shot of Trace Details of Transaction Trace.

2.Summary.JPG - Screen shot of Summary Details of Transaction Trace.

@jacmike1 Thanks for posting to the forum. Can you please send us a permalink to your application? To create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Permalink’ all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode.’

I’d like to use an internal tool to see if the agent is sending database metrics from your app but they may not be appearing in the UI. If you have concerns about posting a link to your app in a public forum, please keep in mind, only New Relic employees with the proper access can view your account.

After getting the permalink, we may need to open up a support ticket to gather info that you may not want to post in the forum.