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Unable to get insights 'type' property




I am running a query: SELECT type FROM Project

And ‘type’ is not yielding any results. We are definitely sending the ‘type’ property but it shows up as ‘No Value’.

Is ‘type’ a keyword in NewRelic which is why we cannot query it?

Can you please help?


@sdareshani - I looked at your account and I do not see the Project event type. Can you confirm how you are sending these events?


Thanks for the response @RyanVeitch

Here is the exact call:

SELECT type FROM Elevate


Apologies @sdareshani I didn’t notice in my earlier reply but you were right in your initial assessment. type is a reserved word when it comes to Insights custom events. Could you be able to configure a different attribute name?

You can see the list of reserved words here:


@RyanVeitch Ok awesome thanks for confirming. I’ll try a different name and report back


Thanks @sdareshani - Let us know how that goes :smiley:


Hello @RyanVeitch,

Is there a way we can avoid the ‘type’ keyword issue? Because we are piping our events through Segment, and it’s in their API to send the “type”: “screen” event. We require this for Google Analytics.


Hey @sdareshani - I’m afraid not, the type event name is reserved.

Is it possible for you to collect the data from Segment and update the type name to something else? like segmentType and then push that to Insights?


@RyanVeitch We are currently discussing with Segment Support on what our options are. Thanks


Let us know if we can help any further @sdareshani :smiley: