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Unable to get my certificate




I have cleared Newrelic Performance Pro Certification yesterday. The certificate is cleared but i didnt get the certificate. The email id used is


Hey @mohit.gupta!

@philweber will know more than I do about this, but it is possible you haven’t received it yet since we send the certificate to you in the mail!

However, we will wait to see what Phil says :thumbsup:


Hi, any updates over this?


Hi, @mohit.gupta: Sorry for the delay; it was a holiday weekend in the U.S. and I was on vacation. Your certificate is on its way. Congratulations on passing the exam!


Hi Philweber,

   Good Afternoon, 

my mail id:

I have completed certification successfully with 88% but i haven’t received certificate, It is great experience to do it and i planning to suggest for my company to use it as APM tool for projects.
Can you please release my certificate as soon as possible.
Thank you so much in advance.

Uploaded my score:


Hi, @kosurisuryavarma: We issue certificates manually, typically once per business day. If you have recently passed the exam within 3 attempts, you should receive your certificate within a day or two. If you took more than 3 attempts to pass the exam, you will be eligible to try again in 90 days.

If you passed the exam several days ago and have not received your certificate, please check your spam folder for a message from New Relic University. Thank you!



I have also done newrelic certification. But it’s almost 3 days not received.



Hey @mohanm.mathavan - I just replied over on your other thread :slight_smile: Hopefully we can get that resolved for you over there.