Unable to get the certification

I’ve done the certification assessment and I passed it but I’m unable to pass to the next steps section.

Complete this course " New Relic Fundamentals Certification Program Overview" then you can access next steps.

I’m unable to finish that course because when I finish two tests, even when they are passed, they are not registered as passed.

check you profile about completion status

@jorge.aguiar1 I’m not familiar with this screenshot. Is this course provide through product or New Relic University?

It’s from https://learn.newrelic.com/ domain. The certification path that offers New Relic for free

Here one of the tests that after passing them, are not registered as passed.

When I press next, the practice test appears in the left menu bar, with an empty circle which is the icon used to specify that this lesson aren’t completed. Those lessons on this bar that in this image appears failed or uncompleted are the ones that I can’t change it’s status and don’t let me finish the cerfication assessment.

Have you any idea why is this happening to me??

The error is that, for any unexpected reason, on those tests, I have to press the close course button in order to save my progress, but the unexpected part is that on the tests done before, I didn’t have to.

It’s solved and I was able to complete my first assessment

Thanks for the replies!!