Unable to Install Slack App

I’m trying to follow the slack documentation to add an app to slack. Once I reach the step to click the “Add to Slack” button on the app page (https://<my_workspace>.slack.com/apps/AP92KQJS3-new-relic) I get redirected to the page https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/proactive-detection-new-relic-ai .

same issue as on New Relic app cannot be installed on a Slack space but that thread has not had any update for over 6months so I’m thinking since the other thread is marked as solved it’s not getting looked at so I thought I’d create a new one.


Hi @user227

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I see you have done some digging here so I will go ahead and loop in the support engineer team for alerts. So that they can have a look, they will reach out via this post with support.

In the mean time it may be worth looking at New Relic | Slack App Directory for guidance also.

Should you have any updates or questions please do reach out.

I can’t speak to Slack’s documentation or set up but if you are trying to set up slack as a Destination for Workflows these docs might be of help. Please let us know if you still run into the issue.

i am encountering the same issue, and i suspect the newrelic support might be checking on an already working solution where the slack integration is set up, so they don’t see the install button.
in short, the issue is that clicking the install button on the page does not perform an installation of the application.
i have admin permissions in slack, i can install other applications without issues, just this one won’t work. if you check out the screenshot, you can see that the button refers to the docs page @user227 mentioned. it should likely refer to https://[workspace].slack.com/apps/new/[appid].


Bumping this.

Would love to know why the official “New Relic” Slack app refuses to be installed. There are multiple posts on this topic, many people are left wondering why it will not install.

Hi @418 @gmiller4

Thanks for reaching out, I you are both well.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Our Engineering team has sent a change/fix to this wrong link and we are just waiting for Slack’s approval.

Once it has been approved the issue should be fixed!


Thanks for the reply. And glad to hear that is getting fixed! Hopefully it helps others that were in a similar situation as myself and others that have posted. I did not have access to New Relic and so in order to keep things moving, I signed up for a trial account to see if I could figure anything else out while hoping to hear back on this forum. I was able to get the New Relic app to install in my Slack workspace by initiating the install from within my New Relic trial account’s side under “destinations” and selecting Slack - and then authenticating using my Slack credentials.

At any rate, wanted to post in case someone else finds this on their Google search adventure. Thanks for the response dcody and for getting the proper team involved to fix the link!



Thank you so much for sharing this.

I have gone ahead and selected Solution below your post. This will indicate that this workaround is a viable option.

We very much appreciate you sharing this.

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