Unable to log onto New Relic Account

I signed up for a free NewRelic account a long time ago, but never completed the ‘Finish Setup’. I just reset my password, but after logging in, I am sent to this page:

After clicking on the contact support link, I am trying to open a Support Case:

but I have no accounts in the dropdown list, so I can’t proceed. If it would be easier (and I will be able to reuse my current email to start a new account) you can just blow away my original account and I’ll sign-up again.


Hi @cdvrooman

I hope you are well.

This is a great question, so there is a couple of things to consider here;

  1. As the account was not setup was not completed, and was not active or signed into since 2014 it has become a cancelled account. Which is the key reason you cant sign into it.

  2. You are best to create a new account, as it will have the most up to date features etc. One suggestion I would make is to not use a personal or public domain email, to instead if possible use the company email. This is due to cases that need to be sent to our support teams, can not be from a personal email domain, for security reasons.

  3. You can use the same email address if you choose to.

I hope this provided clarity on the issue, should you have any additional questions please do reach out!