Unable to Login to Desire Account

Good Afternoon,

My Name is Beverly Ann Morgan, I Work for Hudson Bay Company. I registered for an account today, however I am unable to login to The Hudson’s Bay Link

I keep getting the following error message. “Oop’s you’ve reached our error page”
While my colleague is able to login.
(1) What do I need to do?
(2) Do I need to change my country to Canada as it was only giving me United States and Europe

Hi @beverlyann.morgan, Welcome to the Explorers Hub! I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this. They will follow up shortly by email.

Hi There Good Morning,

I am not sure which account is the correct account. I have created an account some time ago, and i created another account recently. However I would like to know if You are able to delete the account I have created some time last year.
I do not know which account is organization account Please assist me with deleting the oldest account. I must let you know that I am logged in but unable to see Hudson’s Bay dash board I would like some direction on how to get to HBC dash Board to see how our orders inflow are trending.

Your Help is highly appreciated.

Beverly Morgan

Hi @beverlyann.morgan, I would advise explaining this all on the support ticket and our support team are best equipped to solve this issue for you.