Unable to login to original account

I had an original new relic account created months ago. Yesterday, I tried to login to it, but forgot the password. I mistook it as that I don’t have an account, hence I went ahead and registered a new account with the same email. Now I am stuck with multiple accounts, but I am not able to login into my original account. I tried changing password, but the NewRelic One won’t let me login, I keep getting this error:

Log in to your account

Multiple accounts found. Verify your email to view all your accounts.

Unable to log in. Please ensure that your email and password are correct.

Any help on this?

@gaurav.saini1 A couple of variables to consider here. I’ll DM you to discuss further :slight_smile:

Even I ran into similar issue. I have 2 accounts with same email id and as a result, i am not able to login to old account. Please let me know how to unblock this.

@masayyad I’m going to loop our account team in on your situation. You should receive an email soon from them.

BTW- welcome to the community :slight_smile: