Unable to migrate from legacy alerts to workflows


I have been trying to update from classic alerts to workflows. Although I have authenticated with my Slack workspace, I can not see any channels to set up a workflow.

Any help is appreciated,

Hi @developer183

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you the weekend was nice.

Have you tried revising our docs on creating alerts for Slack, please see. Notification channels: Control where to send alerts | New Relic Documentation.

I would also suggest using the test notification to ensure its setup correctly, see Test alert notification channels | New Relic Documentation for guidance.

Please do reach out with any additional questions. Should this be helpful please do consider marking the “Solution” option under the post.

the problem is I can not remove this channel from my account. I tried with a fresh slack workspace and I managed to use the workflows successfully. But when I try to remove the workspace, it gives me an error and tells me that it is being used(although it is not since I never managed to set it up correctly)


Looking under the destinations tab I see the Slack channel you mention above.

Your user is not authenticated
Authenticating with Slack allows us to interact with your private channels
Authenticate with Slack

It doesn’t look like it is authenticated. Are you trying to delete this Destination inside of New Relic or are you trying to use it?