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Unable to ping | False Alerts



We have been getting False Alerts from New Relic pinger since yesterday. However application seems to be working just fine. One of the recent incident which is in progress is

We also faced this sometime back & it appears to be problem is with pinger. I have already tried changing ping URL & response time for same.

Please note that, I haven’t got any alert from other pingers which I have configured. However its only the New Relic which is reporting it and triggering Pager Duty alert.

Attached is the screen shot of alert history since yesterday.


The legacy availability monitor isn’t really telling you your site is down, just that we had problems reaching it from one or more of our locations around the world. The incident you linked was a timeout and there are a lot of reasons this could be happening. Between your infrastructure and New Relic’s there is a lot of internet and if a node goes down or something like a netsplit occurs then there can be delays in some locations reaching your site.

Synthetics, which has a ping monitor capability, is going to be the thing to try next if you’re having problems with frequent notifications from the legacy availability monitor. I would suggest setting up a ping monitor there and seeing if it quiets down for you.


I have the same issue - Ping and API checks are working locally using nodejs and the same script. But New Relic kept giving the error of timeout. Can you share the solutions.


Hi @tracywan_newbee -

It sounds like you might be using our legacy ping monitoring. We are encouraging customers to consider using Synthetics when running into these types of issues. As you may already know, New Relic is planning to End-Of-Life (EOL) Legacy Alerts. You can get the full details in the End-of-Life announcement.

Synthetics monitors have a more robust fail logic than the legacy availability monitor. When a failure occurs from any location, two more checks are immediately queued. If the third check fails - that location is marked as failing.

I am providing more information on Synthetics monitors below:

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information on Synthetics.

Or let me know if you are NOT using legacy ping monitoring and we can dig deeper.