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Unable to ping, site is up and accessible



Hi out site is running and is publicly accessible, but new relic displays “unable to ping”

it looks like a false .

Thanks in advance


I ran your ping URL through SSLLabs and it looks like you’re using SNI. Because the legacy availability monitor does not support SNI I think your best path forward will be to create this ping monitor in Synthetics. I’ve included a couple links to our public docs that talk about the legacy availability monitor not supporting SNI as well as some instructions for setting up a Synthetics simple ping monitor. Let us know if you have any troubles!


Hi out site is running and is publicly accessible, but new relic displays “unable to ping”
it looks like a false .

Thanks in advance



It looks like it is failing not because the URL is unavailable but because the substring requirement hasn’t been met. I checked the url you provided in the policy manually and it looks like the substring “pong” is missing causing the policy to sing you the songs of its people.

Until you can figure out why that substring is missing, you can remove the substring requirement. Then the alert incident should close.

Let me know if you need any further help. :smiley:


Thanks! I had this same issue. Why doesn’t the APM ping handle SNI?


Hi @smithd98,

The APM availability monitor is a legacy feature and has not been updated to handle SNI. New Relic Synthetics is intended to replace the availability monitor and includes support for SNI. Our documentation on creating a free Synthetics ping monitor is here:

Let us know if you need any assistance.


Just ran into this issue as well. I’ve set up Synthetics correctly, as far as I can tell, but since switching our site to SNI the APM overview screen and “Monday metrics” emails report 0% uptime. Some stakeholders like getting these emails, and I make periodic use of the overview in slides, and have to explain why these both errantly show 0% uptime. Non-techies just hear “blah blah key metric doesn’t work” and it reflects poorly on both of us.

Any chance SNI will be supported for these key reports?


Hi @woody.peterson -

SNI support in the legacy pinger is a known limitation that we have documented

We are encouraging customers to consider using Synthetics when running into these types of issues. As you may already know, New Relic is planning to End-Of-Life (EOL) Legacy Alerts. You can get the full details in the End-of-Life announcement.

Synthetics monitors have a more robust fail logic than the legacy availability monitor. When a failure occurs from any location, two more checks are immediately queued. If the third check fails - that location is marked as failing.

I am providing more information on Synthetics monitors below:

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information on Synthetics.