Unable to Post data via the Logs API

I am attempting to follow the simple Log API example on your site and the issue is as follows:

Setting the X-Api-Key results in a 400 bad request no matter what payload is sent in the body
Setting the X-License-Key results in a 403 forbidden error

I have tried C# and Postman and all the examples you provided on your site. None of these are working.

I have also tried posting to the US endpoint (Which returns 403 as expected), posting to the EU endpoint returns 403 (With X-License-Key set) and 400 (With X-Api-Key set).

This is incredibly frustrating given the documentation is so simplistic.

This is literally a cut-paste from the NewRelic example


“common”: {

 "attributes": {

   "logtype": "accesslogs",

   "service": "login-service",

   "hostname": "login.example.com"



“logs”: [{

   "timestamp": 1602587568413,

   "message": "User 'xyz' logged in"


   "timestamp":  1602587568413,

   "message": "User 'xyz' logged out",

   "attributes": {

     "auditId": 123




Hi sacha.rice!

Could you try sending a “simple” payload, like:

"message": "{\"service-name\": \"login-service\", \"user\": {\"id\": 123, \"name\": \"alice\"}}"

This would help narrow down the issue with the 400 error.

For the 403 error you are getting, could you tell me the license key you are using begins with eu?

Lastly, could you provide a screenshot of your postman setup with any of the PII obfuscated?