Unable to receive forgot password email or to login on specific account

I am currently unable to login or to use the forgot password feature on one of my account. When logging in I receive the message that I should be confirming my account, but I don’t have any email with a confirmation link, when I try to do a forgot password it tells me I should be receiving an email, but nothing comes in my inbox, neither in spam.

I tested by created a seperate account with a +test and everything works fine with that account, the forgot password feature sends the email and I can login properly.

I have sent a few email to the support and never received any answer for about a week now.

Hi there @aboudias_test - thanks for connecting with us in the community. I took a look, and I am thinking that the account you are having trouble with is account number 2341588. If you can confirm, we can dive in to see what the issue is.

Hello @hross, I believe this is one of the right account as it is a number I see in emails I’ve received in the past for a project, however I am not sure if it’s the one that is associated with the correct email.

This situation is really confusing because I believe the accounts were created by the magento team when we did a project setup.