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Unable to see any data from Python functions


###Python Agent Question Template


  • What language agent version are you using? Any other relevant versions? (Packages, etc.)
    Python 3.6.2 on Amazon Linux, using Python virtual environments.

  • What error message are you seeing if any? Paste in text or add a screenshot:
    No error

  • Describe what are you seeing? How does that differ than what were you expecting to see?
    I am running a set of functions that perform various tasks, such as connecting to the AWS API, pulling data, and then storing that data in a database using pymssql. I have decorated all of the functions like so:
    @newrelic.agent.background_task() # Comment out when not needed.
    def ta_idle_dbs(conf):

I see the application in New Relic APM, but I see 0 data for any of the functions. I don’t expect to see much, but I expect to see something. I’ve set all of the threshold values to absurdly low values of 0.05 in the newrelic.ini file.

Most of my configuration stems from this document:


Solved by following the advice as provided by NewRelic - my mistake was that I had played around with the startup_timeout but had put it outside the [newrelic] block: