Unable to see FCP CLS FID graphs

I am currently using Hawke version of the New relic. I have set up all the things there but still not able to check FCP CLS FID graphs and other details like AJAX calls. for my browser app.
Can anybody help me find out a solution of this?

@diprdas Could you check two things:

  1. The browser agent version that you have. I am not very familiar with the Hawke version.
  2. The instrumentation level Lite, Pro, Pro + SPA
    Install the browser monitoring agent | New Relic Documentation
    You can see that in Application Settings. If you are on Lite version you may not have all the performance data available.
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I checked. my Browser agent version is PRO+SPA. Still I am not able to check all the datas.
Could you please help me with my next step?

I also checked browser agent version js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-spa-1212.min.js is currently being used by me…So is this version not supporting FCP, CLS, FID graphs?

Hey @diprdas,

For browser agent version 1177 and above, New Relic has full support for Google’s Core Web Vitals. It requires a Pro or above Browser agent. It sounds like your agent version meets these requirements but for more information, you can check out Support for Google’s Core Web Vitals..

Next step would be to double-check the installation of the agent. I recommend verifying that your browser agent installation follows best practices that are outlined in these docs, Browser Troubleshooting Framework Install and Instrumentation for browser monitoring.

I hope this information is helpful. Cheers!

@diprdas Also make sure your browser application is being loaded and used.
Double check whether you have the Show new view radio button checked.
The new view has the Core Web Vitals metrics in the summary page.

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Thanks so much for sharing that advice @adi.pandit!