Unable to set timezone or change password

I recently started using NewRelic One and while everything is going fine from an implementation standpoint, my account preferences are read-only. I need to be able to set my password, and would really like to be able to set my timezone. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there @kent5 -

Welcome to the community! Two separate answers for your questions…

  1. Regarding time zone - this is not currently possible in New Relic One. That said, we see the value in this, and we just had another customer request this! You can vote on your need for this feature in this topic and if you leave a comment with your use case, we will pass that to our product teams:
  1. As for password reset - there is no way to do this in the account management screens, but you CAN do this from the main login screen. You’ll see a Forgot Password link that you can use to trigger a password reset:

Please let me know if I missed anything.