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Unable to start any of the new application which i have cloned


I am using github to clone some example application,but i am unable to launch any of the application.

When hitting i am unable to find anything , the page keeps on loading and nothing

I checked in the entity also . its not there.

below is the steps i am doing:

git clone
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
a code is generated , and i am placing it in nr1.json
nr1 nerdpack:serve
this starts successfully.

√ Server ready! Test it at:
< Server will reload automatically if you modify any file!

after this if i hit the url , the page keeps on loading but nothing


Hi, @durairaj. This is strange, can you pop open your devtools console and see if any errors are being thrown?


Yes there is an error in devtools console . This is the output in devtools console.

wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘schemaType’ of undefined
at Wa (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at Ga (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1
at c (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at Generator._invoke (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at Generator.forEach.e. [as next] (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at ba (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at a (wanda–wanda-ec-ui–app-release-914-prod.js:1)
at nrWrapper (nr-loader-spa-current.min.js:1)


@dgolden Waiting for your response. Can you please check why this erro comes.


Sorry for the dealy, @durairaj . This is an interesting problem, and I’m not sure what the issue is. @jworrall @rveitch90_blah and thoughts on what might be causing this?