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Unable to start new relic ONE application


Hey @beg1 - It’s not possible to take Nerdpack visualisations in New Relic one, and add them to Dashboards.

It is though, possible to add in NRQL charts to a nerdpack in code, as you noted.

You may be able to build into your Nerdpack some custom NRQL-ability, where you accept text input that matches a NRQL query and add in NRQL charts on-demand. This would allow others in your org to add on to the nerdpack.


However, we do have it on our roamap to allow nerdpacks to publish a widget that would be embeddable in dashboards. I’ll consider this a +1 for that! /cc @mweitzel


hi. We have problem with new employee joining newrelic developer group at marketlogic. When he tries to open the widget I made up and it is performing nrql request, a request is made and newrelic returns 403. The user is santosh kumar gopisetty. Could you help us please what is missing?


@beg1 - Can you confirm you have deployed your nerdpack to the account? And that Santosh has access to log in to the account?


If you are just locally serving (with nr1 nerdpack:serve), then it’s only available to you. It’ll need to be fully deployed to the account for other users to see it.


Hi. I am Santosh which @beg1 was talking about. Now i was able to use the application. The problem was when i open the url to run locally, new relic site will open up first and ask for the credentials. When i enter user name and password, it was not working because it might be applying some settings which i dont have permissions to use “eu” url. But when i only enter user name and click next, it takes me to my companies SSO login page, after which i was able to access the application.
One point i want to raise here is related to port 9973 issue which people are facing. It always try to connect to port 9973 which is preconfigured i guess, but is there any way where we can change that port to other which is working for us, so that if i specify my port then it tries to run on that port otherwise it will fallback to the default port 9973.



Hi Santosh, thanks for coming in to let us know you were able to access the application.

There is no way to overwrite the port as far as I know. I’ll double check that, but I’m pretty sure it’s not currently possible.

Initially New Relic One Applications used a different lower port number, but it clashed with a number of other services also using that port. 9973 is specified because it’s a port we don’t believe any other service is using.


Is there a way or introduce feature to change the port to our own port number, if our own port number is not specified then it fallback to default port 9973 which you are using.


Hey @skg - As noted that’s not possible right now, but sure I can get a feature idea filed for you on this. :smiley: