Unable to switch between two accounts on the same email address

I have a need to login into two different accounts. I was able to create two users with the same email and password on those two different accounts. But there is no account switching dropbox to be found. Every time I try to login it asks me to verify my email address so I can choose which of the accounts I want to use.

Is there a way to make it remember the email verification and get a way to switch accounts without having to logout and login?


I have the same issue. Something doesn’t seem correct. Everything was working well until a couple of days ago.

At one time we had two accounts, but we had one disabled. I think something changed or the ‘bad’ account was enabled. Now the ‘bad’ account is my default account and the only way I can get into my current account is by logging out and verifying my email…every time. very annoying. Also, it is making me verify my email address when I log in from different systems.
I did clear cache and cookies and it still doesn’t work.

I went to set my default account in my user preferences and only one account is listed.

Please help!

Hi @kichik1 & @jmorlock

Nice to see your post regarding the login workflow! Let me share some knowledge on this for you both.

At the moment we have 2 types of user Profile (Original User Model and new User Model), you will only see the Verifying my Email when you have a mix of these profiles. Currently we do not have a way to Switch between Accounts once you have verify your email. As they are set up as 2 separate profiles in the New Relic System which are not yet able to talk to each other.

Please note that is designed to request to Verify email from any system, unless you click remember me for the account you would like to log into. We have a great Community Post that explains this → Relic Solution: So you’ve created a new account and can’t seem to access your old account

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My accounts have been around for 7 years and before Tuesday I didn’t have any issues.

We access New Relic from some system where verify emails is not very efficient or may not be possible and this process slows our response down when trying to address an issue.

Is there any way I can get the account we do not use anymore to not be considered when I am logging in?

Thanks @adevlin. Is there a way to recreate the two profiles so they are the right type and let me easily switch profiles without logging in and out all the time?

Hi @kichik1 With the New User Model it is not possible to recreate two profiles to have the same login. As our Standard Accounts only allow one Account to be associated with One Organisation.

What we can do is get a case created for you with our internal Accounts teams to speak to you further offline of options that are available if you prefer?

Hi @jmorlock As your accounts are mainly on the New user model as well with the Standard plan, we do not have a way at the moment to allow users to switch between different Organisation.

You would need to upgrade your plan to allow you to create multiple accounts in Organisation. If this is something your company may be considering I can get you in touch with our Internal Accounts team to give you more details on these options for you.

Other accounts that we can see linked to you account and no longer in use we can have them tidy up but we will need to get a case going for you to move forward as we will need to gather some more details from yourself.

Let me know if you would like to move forward and we will get a case created with our team for you :slight_smile:

Thanks @adevlin . Yes I would like to move forward with removing our unused accounts. Let me know how to proceed

A meeting with the internal team would be great. Thanks.

Hi @kichik1 I will need to DM you to get some more information before I can loop you in with our team!

Hi @jmorlock

I have created a case with our team and someone will be in touch, keep an eye on your inbox!