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Unable to take the New Relic University Certified Performance Pro test



I’m currently trying to take the NRU Certified Performance Pro exam, however, when I click on the “Take the Assessment” button, nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong or is the site broken at the moment? Any help would be appreciated


Hi, @joe_w: You may access the exam directly at this address:


@philweber I was under the impression this token was secret. Is that incorrect?

Here’s the malformed link…


Also, question 19 is missing the actual question text. It just has a heading


There is nothing secret in the link you posted. :slight_smile: That token is simply the ID of our exam; it not unique per user. I will forward your link to our developer for troubleshooting. Thank you!


Derp, no it’s not. The image is just above the question :confused:


@philweber I’m now unable to submit my score :frowning:

I get these errors in the console


Thanks for the info and sorry it’s not working for you. I will forward this information to our testing vendor.


@philweber I just refreshed the page and did it again while connected to a different internet connection and I could submit. I’m wondering if my previous connection had something to do with it.


I passed btw :smiley: woooooo!


Congrats, @joe_w! That is awesome! :tada: