Unable to test workflow alerting with working webhook

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Unable to test workflow with webhook.
getting the below error.

“Client request(https://hooks.slack.com/services/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) invalid: 400 Bad Request. Text: “missing_text_or_fallback_or_attachments””

Hi @ookedele

Thanks for reaching out the community! I hope you are well.

I see you are facing some issues when trying to setup a test for your webhook.

I would suggest insuring the setup is correct by revising our docs;

  1. Using Webhooks to Get Real Time Information About Your Application

  2. Customize your webhook payload | New Relic Documentation

  3. Notification channels: Control where to send alerts | New Relic Documentation.

I did find this great post Relic Solution: Troubleshooting Alerts Webhook Notification Channel Issues which may be work following.

Please do let me know if this proved helpful, also should you have any additional questions please do reach out.