Unable to use Event API from Solaris


Can someone help me with example for Event API usage from Solaris servers without using CURL.

Unfortunately, I cant use curl on my server however I would like to post event to newrelic.

Hi, @Santu: Have you tried wget?

wget --header="Api-Key: $API_KEY" --header="Content-Type: application/json" --post-data='[{ "eventType": "Purchase", "account": 3, "amount": 259.54 }, { "eventType": "Purchase", "account": 5, "amount": 12309, "product": "Item" }]' https://insights-collector.newrelic.com/v1/accounts/$ACCOUNT_ID/events

Thank you Phil. it worked well for me.

Was using additional headers which are of no use causing syntax issues and also missed to add “–no-check-certificate”

Hello @Santu

Thank you for letting us know that it worked for you, it is always great to see solutions being implemented and this feedback is very important for us as others will be able to see the solution and make it useful to them too.

Have a nice day.