Unauthorized uploading sourcemaps

I am trying to post sourcemaps to https://sourcemaps.service.newrelic.com/v2/applications/${applicationId}/sourcemaps but I am getting a 401, I am using an Admin User token, what am I missing?

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I did a little digging and located the following doc which relates to, Upload source maps via API.

I did also notice that the account is US based, so please ensure you are following US data centre guidance, the above is for US only.

Should the issue persist please do reach out, and share any error messages noted and confirm the steps followed.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.

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hi @dcody , I followed those docs, and I am using the us endpoint, still getting 401

Hey @daniel.aparicio ,

Can you provide the script/command you’re using, as well as which method of uploading you’re using?
Can you clarify what you mean by ‘using an Admin User token?’
In our documentation for the sourcemaps, I do not see an Admin User token mentioned. Are you using the most current script/command/NPM package, and using the correct API key(s)?