Unblock bam.nr-data.net

I’m having a problem with being blocked accessing educational web content in a Kindle Fire Kids’s profile (Discovery Education’s Espresso service) which also uses newrelic’s services. I’ve managed to unblock newrelic.com because this has a web site. I can’t unblock bam.nr-data.net because bam.nr-data.net doesn’t seem to have any publicly visible web site so I’m unable to browse to it and unblock the bm.nr-data.net domain.

Is there a website in the domain bam.nr-data.net I could browse to unblock bam.nr-data.net?

Hi @mike.copperwhite,

bam.nr-data.net is used only as the collection point for the Browser agent (our performance monitoring tool) so there’s no URL you can browse to. I’m not familiar with this feature on the Fire - do they give you any option to edit the list of blocked URLs directly?


I managed to resolve the issue by whitelisting some other URLs in the end.

There are appears to be no way to edit the allowed URL list directly. The UI only allows you to browse to a web site and press a button to whitelist that particular web site.

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Thanks for letting us (and anyone else reading who may have encountered this) know, Mike - glad you were able to find a solution!