Understanding Transactions in conjunction with NRQL queries to meet Dashboard needs

I’m getting a little familiar with NRQL as well as transactions. I have an APM supported system (I think it may be Java). I don’t know that I will need custom instrumentation for transactions. Ultimately, I am trying to build/have NRQL queries to implement in dashboard widgets.

I guess my question to start off with is, for a supported APM, will the existing reported transactions also have the NRQL queries associated with those available in the NR One UI? I didn’t noticed that just quite yet. Ultimately, I am trying to achieve the following NRQL queries

  1. Error Rate - trends of error rates over time
  • ability to see the data by end point - average transaction duration, by application
  • Would be nice to also be able to break down by error - such as status code
  1. Trend of latency by endpoint over time (specified time range)
  2. Request volume - request rates by transactions, trend over time.

I’m totally new to NRQL( I have taken a SQL course so not totally out of the loop), as well as building out monitoring infrastructure as it relates to actual performance, trends, errors, etc, o I guess I’m putting that out there at least to get some new grounding.

Hi, @abdullah: Yes, you should be able to get all the items you listed from the default data provided by APM. If you use the query builder in Basic mode, there are pre-written queries for some of the items you mention:

After you select one of the queries, you may switch to NRQL mode to see the underlying NRQL query.

Also, you may wish to deploy the free NRQL Lessons app to your account, to practice writing NRQL queries with your own data.

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Thank you, plenty for me to explore with. Appreciate it!

@philweber Just a question, I installed the App in NR One and go to Open App and I get taken to this screen, so it isn’t clear how to use the app just yet.

Try clicking the Apps menu on the top menu bar (to the left of Quick start); you should see NRQL Lessons there.

so Apps doesn’t show it, and even if I search in the menu bar it doesn’t come up:

I get to this screen though if I go to the Apps and then scroll to the Catalog and click on the app and see this screen, but then I click Open app and i get to the Home screen I showed in the previous reply:

@philweber Simple solution, I logged out and logged back in and there it is. Thanks! :smiley:

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Glad to hear you got that sorted @abdullah!

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