Unfamiliar external services

ダッシュボードにアプリケーションが使用していないはずのoracleのexternal servicesが表示されてしまいます。原因と表示しないための対処方法はございますでしょうか?

My dashboard shows external services “oracle” that my application should not be using. What are the causes and what can I do to prevent this from showing?

Hi @gasufo!

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Can you send me as a private message the link to the app where you are seeing this external service?



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Hi @rcorgozinho!

Could you please tell me how to send url as private message?
(Is this message already private?)


Hi @gasufo, you can just click on @rcorgozinho’s username and then click “Message” on the pop up to message him privately! :slightly_smiling_face:

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