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Unix monitoring, server CPU usage




I am using the unix monitoring to monitor Solaris servers. I have a NRQL:

from unixMonitor:Stats SELECT round(average(cpu.idle)) where Application like ‘MY Application’ FACET hostname SINCE 6 minutes ago LIMIT MAX

I am getting the server cpu usage here? I had this doubt when I started reading unix monitoring documentation , where it says I have to use latest(cpu.system) to get server cpu usage. But when I try to use this metric I am not seeing any results.


Hi @veeresh.dandur

I see you are using an old, archived 3rd party plugin that is/was not officially supported by New Relic.

But, my assumption is that you are looking at docs for the newer Unix On-Host Integration.

Since you’re using the older unsupported plugin, I’m not sure what the data structure of that plugin is so I don’t know what would be the best metric for you to track.

I’d suggest trying out the officially provided Unix On-Host Integration: