Unix seconds formatted with data formatter are incorrect display in dashboard and query

I’m recording a timestamp formatted as unix seconds in a custom event. Using Insights data formatter I convert the seconds to a timestamp. Everything looks correct here.

Now I would like to display this value on a dashboard.
Querying the data as JSON looks fine as well:

results": [
      "events": [
          "timestamp": 1596181671406,
          "timestampOfOldestMessage": 1596181663.931011

But if I query it as a table I get this:
I query nothing unusual: SELECT timestampOfOldestMessage FROM Outbox

Am I missing something here? Why wasn’t timestampOfOldestMessage correctly formatted, but timestamp (as a built-in feature) was?
Is the issue related to the comma? But why would it work then in the data formatter?

Thanks and best regards!

Good morning @broder.peters

That sounds like a bug - I assume that even though your timestamp is set into seconds, it may be being mistranslated as milliseconds, rather than seconds.

I’ll get this reported and confirmed with the right team. I’ll update you when I know more.

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I’ve one more detail to this. Viewing the dashboard in Insights display the timestamp correctly:

(Not that this is not the timestamp from the example above)

Understood! So - is this only happening for you in the New Relic One UI?

Yes, it is only happening in the New Relic One UI for now.

Thanks @broder.peters

Just got a bug ticket filed internally with the engineering team. Will follow up with you when I get an update.

Thanks again for reporting this :smiley:

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@RyanVeitch is there an estimation about when the engineering team is looking into this?

Hi @broder.peters

I heard information that there is some work being done to fix a couple of bugs in the data formatter, specifically regarding the impact on the NR1 charts. But I have not yet been given a timeline for a fix.

Any word on this? Really killing the NR1 usability…

Hi @mike.zimmermann, thanks for checking in. We do not have an update for this as of yet but once there is, we will let the community know as soon as possible.