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Upcoming changes to the Browser usage data reporting



The Browser team has updated their usage data reporting pipeline to be consistent with New Relic’s recommended best practices. Here’s an update on the changes, and guidance on how to query your usage data moving forward. Keep in mind that no changes will be made to the way your account level usage is calculated currently.

What is happening?

Starting March 31, 2020, Browser usage data will report to the new NrUsage event type, instead of NrDailyUsage. You may already use the NrUsage event if you calculate usage New Relic Lambda, Distributed Tracing, Logging, or NS Incident Intelligence. To allow time to transition any queries to this new event type, we will be double-writing that data to your current NrDailyUsage event for six months, after which we will solely be reporting data to the NrUsage event.

Additionally, NrDailyUsage events generated by Browser (WHERE productLine='Browser') will no longer report the browserAppId and isPrimaryApp attributes on all NrDailyUsage events after March 31, 2020. These attributes are not currently supported by the new pipeline and thus will not be part of the NrUsage nor NrDailyUsage event data. This is in line with the consistent method for reporting usage solely at the account level.

How can I calculate usage by appID moving forward?

Although browserAppId and isPrimaryApp will not be included in events after March 31st, you can still view this data by using the query below. Because the Browser NrDailyUsage and NrUsage events count the number of PageView events generated on an account, you are able to determine the breakdown of an account’s Browser usage by application.

Simply query PageView events, faceted by appId.

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView FACET appId TIMESERIES 1 day

About data processing

Due to differences in data processing for NrUsage and PageView events, the counts in each bucket may not exactly match. The NrDailyUsage graph is based on new NrUsage events, which represent a count of the number of PageViews generated each minute on an account, calculated when the data is processed. The timestamp on PageView events is calculated on the customer’s machine. In aggregate, the NrUsage/NrDailyUsage and PageView charts are counting the same thing, but timestamps may cause some skew between the two charts.

Do I need to do anything?

Please take this opportunity to update your Browser usage queries to use the new NrUsage event type.

The Browser usage documentation will be updated with the latest recommendations and queries as this goes to production. Check back for updates!