Update New Relic Account Admin

Need to update our app admin to complete our access migration from OneLogin to Azure SSO

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Would you be able to tell me which account you are asking about? I see that your email is associated with an account that only has 1 user which is you. Once I have your account information I can help get the right help for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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We have a Patient Ping company account. Since acquisition, this account might be tied to Bamboo Health?

Hi @hboarman

Just to confirm the only account connected to this email, is the Bamboo account id 3495704.

I note you mention “Patient Ping”, as another account but this profile is not connected to it. Can you confirm the account.

From what I can see, the Bamboo account only has 1 user there ( you ) as the admine, there’s also no SSO in that account so I am unsure how you are migrating from onelogin to azure if its there is no onelogin SSO set up as it’s a on the account.

Here are some docs that may provide assistance on the requirements etc needed to setup SSO OneLogin SCIM/SSO application configuration | New Relic Documentation.

Once the above info is confirmed I will be better equipped to help here!

Thanks for looking into this. We are looking to migrate the Patient Ping account access to Azure. You are correct, I am not connected to this account. I am a project manager and do not need access, but following up on an issue the team ran into as we were working on this. Tim Robinson needs admin access, and our prior admin is no longer with the organization.

Hi @hboarman

Thanks for the clarification here.

Due to security purposes the request would need to come from someone on the account, as you are not connected to the account I am unable to support the request.

The best step forward here would be to either be assigned a role on the account or else to have a user with a role on the account to make the request. I would advise having a user on the account that has admin/owner role make the request, as it will be easier to gain account info needed to support the request.

Please let me know if there any additional questions you may have!

Thanks for the help, I have asked Tim Robinson to make the request directly.

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@hboarman Thank you for confirming that a follow-up plan is in place. :slight_smile: