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Update on PHP 7.2 Support



Hi all,

I’m the product manager for the PHP Agent and I want to share an update from the New Relic product team.

PHP 7.2 was released at the end of November. The New Relic team is actively working on revving the PHP agent to support 7.2, but as of today, the current agent only supports 7.1 and below. Our current release window for 7.2 support is mid-January of 2018. We will update the community once we have a more precise date.

Users will need to keep their PHP applications on 7.1 or below until the next agent release if they wish to continue monitoring using New Relic.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll continue to update this as we get more questions.

Q: I’m using Heroku for my PHP applications. What should I do?
A: You can enforce the max version to 7.1.12 and your application will continue to work with New Relic.

Q: How much lag time will there be between PHP agent support with future PHP updates?
A: The intent is to minimize lag time and ideally coincide an agent release with a new PHP release – We will focus on closer timing for the next PHP update.


PHP API 20170718 (PHP 7.2) Support Status

Thanks @vjones for opening this thread. I look forward to the release.


Following; anxious for the new 7.2-compatible agent!


Quick update: We’re code complete but going through soak tests right now. I’ll have a better update later this week.


Version of the agent with PHP 7.2 support was released today. Thank you again for everyone’s collective patience and please let me know if there are any questions regarding the release.


Excellent. Thanks for the update!