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Updating Your Profile: Your Data Nerd Resume



Every business is about to become an Internet business, and data will drive it all. So congrats! As a New Relic Explorer, you’re about to be right in the middle of it all, and we’re here to make sure you succeed.

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to fill out your New Relic profile, and then get active! Over time, your profile will not only show off :muscle: who you are, but everything you know about using data to drive results in your business. Here’s a guide for turning your community profile into your Data Nerd Resume.

Editing Your Profile: The Basics

Basic User Information
To get started, click on the circle icon in the upper right hand corner. You’ll get a drop down box that contains a gear icon - this is what you click to edit your profile.

Once you’re on your page, you can set up all the basics about you, including a profile picture, background images for your profile and a bio. Are these necessary for using the community? Nope. But they will definitely make your experience better. Show the community who you are and they’ll show you who they are: really smart, helpful, and fun people.

Bring Your Friends With You
Don’t forget about the additional information you can share, like your Twitter handle, and New Relic specialties. Make sure your New Relic friends can find you outside of the community by filling out these fields so you can continue to connect in the other places you work:

Manage Your Emails
Finally, you can also edit all the settings related to notifications and emails in your profile. Get the information you want, the way you want it:

Power Move: Watch and Track Content

Get Notified about Content You Need
You can also use your profile to help you keep on top of the topics that matter most to you. Are you digging into Synthetics Scripts right now? Track the Synthetics category to get notifications in the community when new content is added. Are you an Alerts expert who wants to give back? Track the Alerts category and you will get emails when new Alerts topics are created so you can check them out and lend your expertise.

Build Your Data Nerd Reputation

The Summary Tab
Your profile is more than just your username and background image. It also tells the community all about your activity. The “Summary” tab of your profile outlines all the ways you’ve engaged in the community and how meaningful that engagement has been. What better way to show off your data nerd skills than to share how many posts other Explorers have liked?

As in any community, you’ll get out what you put in. So help others build their data nerd reputations by liking their helpful posts and adding helpful comments.

The Activity Tab
In addition to all the great stats about your community contributions, the Activity Tab shows all the action in detail - the topics, replies, likes and bookmarks. The bookmarks and likes feature is great for helpful posts you may want to come back to later. Just click on the bookmark or heart icon on any post to add to this list.

Your collection of topics and replies is your running list of data nerd smarts. Here’s where you can show off everything you’ve learned and contributed back to the community. Plus, you can download what you contribute if you want to share with others on your blog or anywhere else. Your content is always yours.

You be you

That is just about everything you need to know about building out your profile. Let me leave you with one more piece of advice: show us who you are. The Community is just that - a community! :two_women_holding_hands: We’re made up of a diverse set of individuals, and we want to get to know you as much as we want to help you learn more about how to use New Relic. So make your profile personal and have fun!

PS: As a reminder, here are our Community Guidelines.

Make the Most of the Community: Organizing Content
How to: Ask a Question and Get it Answered


Guys, how do you go about changing the e-mail address associated with your Explorer account ?
I can’t see an option.


Hi there @David.Bell - your community account credentials are the same as your New Relic account credentials. The upside is that it is remarkably easy to login to the community. If you are logged in to New Relic, the community site automatically logs you in as well.

The down side is that you can’t change the email address associated with your Explorers Hub account. It has to match your New Relic account. So if you need a different email address, you can either change the email address in your New Relic account, or create a free New Relic account with the new email address and use that to log in instead (downside here - you can’t bring all your history with you to the new email address).

Sorry that there isn’t a more flexible option!


@hross that makes sense. I’ll take a look at the options.
Many thanks.