Uptime summary report

Our product is hosted on the Linux platform, and we have had a request from the executive level to have a 1 page summary of the uptime on all of our sites.
Specifically, we need to be able to derive figures like 99.99% uptime etc, for any particular site, so we can prove we have met our SLA’s. How would we be able to get this information from New Relic?

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Another vote for this from me. @lisa.yue found some interesting NRQL queries posted elsewhere in the forum, but these depend on Synthetics. Is there another way?

ref: Useful Insights NRQL queries library

@lisa.yue, @paul_steinbach: Have you looked at the Availability Report?

Yes, I have seen this feature. Our issue with this is that our application is operated within a firewall, and our sites would not allow their IP’s to be available to the internet.

Hi @lisa.yue - Synthetics does offer the potential for private locations for applications within a private network/firewall. Would this be an option for you?