Urgent: Can’t access SSO after NR1 switch, cert expiring and will be locked out

Our org recently migrated from an “original user model” account to New Relic One. We have been using SAML SSO and after the switch I can no longer access the “Single sign-on settings”. That link directs me instead to a request form to ask a sales rep about “Full Stack Obervability”. Our SSO is still working right now (accounts are authenticated through Google) but our SSO cert from Google will expire on Monday, effectively locking my team out of New Relic.

We urgently need a way to update the SSO cert or deactivate SAML on New Relic before this Monday (July 19th). Can someone from the support team please help us?

If Monday arrives without help from support I won’t even be able to log in to follow up on this Explorers Hub ticket (as this account is one that will get locked out) so it’s especially urgent this is fixed asap!

@kevinhoneyis Welcome back to the Community! :wave: We are sorry to hear about your issue. I’m going to get a support ticket open for you and someone from our Support team will be able to assist you with this.