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[URGENT] Please change my account back to Legacy Alerts



Please change the account back to legacy alerts. For account number: 1716365

Rollback to legacy alerts on my account

Hi there @aarti.jay.jivrajani. We’ll need to get some account information from you so I will open a ticket for this request.

Heads up in case you missed it (or others read this), Legacy Alerts will be going away in a matter of weeks:


@hross Sure. What other information is required, do let me know.


You bet! Be on the lookout for an email with more information.


@hross thanks for your reply! I haven’t received any email as of yet. I have updated the internal ticket asking for more information as well.


Sound like you have access to the ticket - that’s the important thing. Hang tight and our support engineers will get your request worked out.


Please cancel this request right now. Updated the ticket with the cancellation request as well.


You got it. Thanks for letting us know @aarti.jay.jivrajani