Usage alert not triggering

Alerts Question Template

Please describe what you are seeing, and how does this differ from what you were expecting to see?
In the Condition editor i can clearly see that my query is matching the condition but I am not getting an alert by slack or mail.

If you aren’t seeing a violation when you think there should be one, provide a link to the alert condition that should be opening a violation and to the entity that is misbehaving, scoped to the relevant time window.
condition window

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I have the same problem :frowning:

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I have the same problem. New Relic I think this is a problem on your end, this is very disappointing.

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Hi folks, sorry to hear you are running into challenges with your alerts.

  • @jan.desmet_1 it looks like you have deleted your condition, please let me know if you create another one and want me to take a look at it for you.
  • @santiago11 and @yoavzimmerman can you please paste a link to some example conditions, I’ll be happy to do some initial investigation.
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Thanks @santiago11, I see @hross is already following up on your linked thread, so I’ll check in with her and see if I can help in any way.


it would be this condition: