Use API to query all services dependencies (databases)


I’m trying to map all my databases to related services.
In order to do that I want to query all services for their dependencies and extract the database information from there.
Any way to do that?
The only thing I found is and it doesn’t help me too much


Hi, @infrastructure-monit: You may find this document helpful: NerdGraph tutorial: Understand entity relationships and dependencies | New Relic Documentation.

Even though I picked ApmDatabaseInstanceEntityOutline, I still only get service name

actor {
entitySearch(queryBuilder: {domain: APM, type: APPLICATION}) {
results {
entities {
… on ApmDatabaseInstanceEntityOutline {

@infrastructure-monit Are you trying to do service mapping for your databases? I am not exactly sure what the ask is here

I’m trying to list all databases associated with my services.
Instead of manually go to each service, click on dependencies and then databases.

Have you looked through any of our documentation about databases or services? I am asking around my peers to get a firm answer for this here is where I found some database docs going to reply back later today with further updates