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Use latest() in where clause!




Is it possible to use the latest() function in a where clause? I get a strange error message when trying to do so.

Basically what I want to do is to select all sessions where the last analyticname for each sessionid is ABC.

SELECT latest(AnalyticName) from ApplicationUsageEvent WHERE latest(AnalyticName) = ‘ABC’ FACET SessionId since 1 weeks ago LIMIT 1000

I get an error message like "Not supported: Call{target=Id{name=‘latest’, isQuoted=false}, arguments=CallArguments{positionalArgs=[Id{name=‘AnalyticName’, isQuoted=false}], kwargs={}}} (at line 1 column 61) ".

If not possible is there a way to write the query in a different way to get what I’m looking for? I also tried to use it together with a filter() but it seems I cannot have the latest() in the where clause there either. If I just add the where clause to AnalyticsName=‘ABC’ I receive all sessions containing ABC and not only the once which have ABC as the latest item.

/Hans Börjesson


Hi @hans.borjesson - Unfortunately NRQL is not as powerful as SQL. Functions in a WHERE clause are not currently supported. Pop over to the post below and add your vote.


Hi @hans.borjesson! I hope Stefan’s explanation got you closer to where you need to be. Let us know what else you need! :blush:

Thanks for jumping in, @stefan_garnham!